I found the two year course with Anamcharadas life changing, challenging, and deeply enriching. 

The two year Anamcharadas programme would forever change the lens with which I viewed the world and myself. The wonderful weekends are infused with a rich tapestry of content that was both inspiring and incredibly thought provoking.

I feel privileged to have been part of the group and to have been graced with the gift of becoming a spiritual companion. The training goes far beyond skill development; working in subtle but powerful ways that are imbued with spirit, grace, meaning and mystery. 

The two year course helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses in the field of spiritual growth and Spiritual Companionship. It has helped develop growth in my life and in my interactions with people in recovery from addiction.

Learning to listen deeply and to empathize have been very valuable. Participants are supported and encouraged to explore the spiritual dimension of their lives. The journey can at times be challenging but ultimately rewarding and leads to a deeper understanding of oneself and to greater compassion for others.

I am left feeling very grateful after the two-year course on Spiritual Accompaniment with the Anamcharadas Training.  I feel very grateful for the wonderful team that guided the group on our journey and grateful for the kindred spirits with whom I shared the journey.  It was a journey of tears and laughter. I feel more equipped to find peace, to live out my faith and make a contribution to this troubled and beautiful world.  I feel a greater sense of connection to the mystery of myself, all beings and the universe.